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Incoming Musicians

We are so excited you are interested in joining the music community at Nathan Hale.  Check out the frequently asked questions below as well as the Classes and Directors page for more information about our programs.

No auditions are required for Concert Choir, Concert Orchestra, or Symphonic Band.  

Audition materials for Jazz Band and Vocal Jazz will be posted by May 1st.  Auditions will be held at the end of May/beginning of June.  New students in the jazz groups must also be enrolled in one of the other ensembles (Concert Choir, Concert Orchestra, or Symphonic Band), so be sure to register for one of those classes.

Hale Music FAQ

1. What ensembles do you currently have?

Concert Choir, Concert Orchestra, Jazz Band, Symphonic Band, Vocal Jazz.  Check out Classes & Directors page for 

information about each.

2. Is there a possibility of more ensembles next year in addition to those already listed?

We are hoping to add percussion ensemble. If you are a percussionist or hope to learn to become one, sign up for the class. Show us there is interest! If it doesn’t happen, percussionists will be placed in Symphonic Band


3. I would like to learn to play a band/string instrument or to sing.  Can I still sign up for an ensemble without any experience?

Yes – we would love to teach you!


4. Do students need to audition for the ensembles?

Only the jazz band and vocal jazz require auditions. No auditions needed for the other ensembles.


5. When will auditions for the jazz groups be?

Auditions will be held at the end of May/beginning of June. Info will be sent out the feeder middle schools. You can also check out the auditions page in the spring for the audition packets.


6. Do I need to be in another ensemble if I am in a jazz ensemble?

YES – 9th graders in the jazz ensembles are required to also be in an ensemble during school day.


7. What time does zero period start?



8. What if I want to study music but not play in an ensemble?

We offer Piano Lab, Guitar Lab, and Music Survey. Piano and Guitar are for BEGINNERS on those instruments. No musical knowledge needed! Music survey is a music appreciation class that is semester long. Currently, our Music survey class is called Black Lives in Music. We are exploring the origins of Hip-Hop, R and B and Rap.  Check out the Classes and Directors page for more information.


9. Do you have a marching band?

No. The Symphonic Band serves as the pep band – playing songs in the stands at home football and basketball games. All Symphonic Band students participate.


10. I want to take a music class but am not sure how I will fit it in to my schedule. 

All high school students are required to have 2 arts credits. Get them through music! Counselors can work with students to create schedules over their 4 years that will allow them to take ensembles every year!

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